Tobit Chayns


With Tobit chayns you get an App for iOS and Android

and a website with all your articles, pictures and appointments of your Facebook Fanpage.

The standard version is completly free of charge.

chayns+facebook=ios android

The software automatically creates a smartphone app, a website and a mobile website in accordance with a Facebook fanpage. Individual content, shops and payment options can be integrated via various additional modules (tapps), which are also mostly free of charge. More than 120,000 companies, associations and organizations already use chayns®; this includes also large and small clubs from all over the republic as well as more than 500 associations.


Open your own Online shop!

Software free of charge!
Without monthly fees!*


more than 250.000 installations  -  in more than 200 countries

 translations for 65 languages available  -   more than 1.000.000 members  

PayPal module free of charge  -  European legal certainty

-   Standard installation package free of charge!




Our new homepage starter-pack
German quality combined with South American prices
starting from 440 USD


Responsive Design


Mobile-friendly websites based on Joomla CMS


We set up a design that responds to the different possible devices and adapts to the resolutions of PC, tablets and smartphones (responsive design), used by the site visitors.
Mobile-friendly design is a very important criteria for current search engines, to get better search results for your site. Pages without responsive design usually are listed more in the end of the search results.

You have a small business and you cannot afford pricy advertising?

With a Facebook business fanpage and the appropriate advertising you can reach more than 200,000 people in Uruguay within 2-3 weeks. And that's for just 5000 Pesos! Usually that's not possible with conventional advertising and not as simple and affordable. You pay only those, who respond to your advertising, in this example the cost per person was about 3.20 pesos. And you can also be sure that the person has responded in any way to your advertising, such as with a "Like" of your page!

Facebook advertising


For most of us, a life without Internet is not conceivable any more. Sales of products or services without online support often is not very successful.
It doesn't matter what you are searching for, if it's a private blog or a multilingual online store, we will support you to bring your ideas online.


An important step for an online presence is to find the appropriate provider on whose server your page should run.
Our article about Webhosting explains the most important items on that. 

Webdesign & Joomla CMS

The appropriate look and functionality of your online presence has almost the same importance than it's contents. 
Adaptation to your coorporate design and your company colors in order to achieve a recognition online also is as important as the automatic adaptation of the page to the devices used by the visitors of the site. The so-called responsive design. To learn more about the possibilities and how CSTC and Joomla may help, please follow the following link. 

Our starter offer for your online presence

Take advantage of our location in South America to be able to realize your online presence without high costs.
With our Joomla starter package you get a complete online presence with all the pages and modules that are necessary.
And this for only 440 USD!

Read more about our offer in the following article.

Ecommerce - PrestaShop - Online-store system

With more than 250,000 installations in more than 200 countries, PrestaShop is one of the leading online-store solutions worldwide. And the basic version is completely free! With the integrated European legal certainty, it's easy to run PrestaShop within the EU and especially in Germany without any problems. 

In the following link you can find more information about a low-priced online-store:

"read more - Prestashop - Ecommerce"

Social Media & Social Marketing

With the increasing popularity of Facebook and others, the use of social media is an important way to present products and ideas to a large quantity of online users. 
And it doesn't require to pay a lot of money for that. Even with a small budget and the appropriate advertising in Facebook you can reach much more people than with print media.
How this works and how we can help you to bring your products, services and ideas closer to a larger community, can be read in the article in the following link.


Website maintenance

Worldwide more and more hackers are trying to attack websites to infect them with viruses and ransom software. Therefore it is very important to keep the software of your website up-to-date.

What can happen and what we can do to ensure that your site will be protected as much as possible, can be found in the following link.


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