Tobit Chayns


With Tobit chayns you get an App for iOS and Android

and a website with all your articles, pictures and appointments of your Facebook Fanpage.

The standard version is completly free of charge.

chayns+facebook=ios android

The software automatically creates a smartphone app, a website and a mobile website in accordance with a Facebook fanpage. Individual content, shops and payment options can be integrated via various additional modules (tapps), which are also mostly free of charge. More than 120,000 companies, associations and organizations already use chayns®; this includes also large and small clubs from all over the republic as well as more than 500 associations.



Facebook content for Non-Facebook users!

With the app and the homepage, your customers and fans get access to your Facebook posts, pictures and events even without having a Facebook account!

So you can reach much more people without having additional work!


Ihre Inhalte gleichzeitig mehrfach verfügbar.


Additional content or special offers only for your app-users!

Erstellen Sie zusätzliche Seiten für Ihre App und die angeschlossene Homepage ganz einfach online, ohne große Kenntnisse von Websdesign. Machen Sie Ihre App attraktiver durch spezielle Angebote oder Rabatte, die nur über die  App, die chayns®-Homepage oder beides erreichbar sind.

Create additional pages for your app and the connected homepage easily online, also without big knowledges of web design. Make your app more attractive through special offers or discounts that are only available by using the app, the chayns® homepage, or both.


Screenshot of the CSTC-Uruguay Android-App 

CSTC App Screenshot


Chayns® already contains a lot of additional offers, such as a Microshop, ordering and payment systems for online order, catering and delivery service, small games, donation collection system, ticket sales, surveys, integration of webcams and many more.

And it's also possible to integrate external pages and to provide contents of an already existing company page accessible via the app.

There are also no monthly costs for chayns®, for the additionally available homepage, with an automatic adaptation of the design to desktop or mobile use.


The according website

CSTC Homepage zur App


With the configuration, that is available over the Internet, you can decide who is allowed to see what menu items and contents. This gives you a perfect control over the availability of your content and, for example, you can distribute special offers only via the app.




Free standard version and fee-based version

The free version of Tobit chayns® doesn't provide the Facebook contents immediately in the app and the homepage, it usually takes 3 hours. With a monthly primesite access to chayns®-Pro, available as from € 7.95 at the moment, the new items will be synchronized immediately and you will be able to get discounts on the payment systems, etc. Depending on the application and the need to keep your app up-to-date, a primesite subscription will be an advantage. We would be glad to advise you in case of any related questions.


Requirements for the app production

For the free version you need a Facebook-page with at least 50 Likes (Likes) and 5 own articles. Your articles should not contain certain contents that are not accepted by the stores. Additionaly certain pictures, icons and texts are needed for the app.

For the creation of the iOS version there is no need to have an own developer account at Apple. For the Android app, Google has prohibited the distribution with the Tobit account. You will either need your own account with a fee of US$ 25 or you can use the CSTC account. Please ask us for terms and conditions.

Of course, you can do the whole procedure alone; Or, we are glad to create all texts and the necessary pictures and accounts in cooperation with you.


CSTC App bei Apple und Google


The CSTC-App in the Apple App-Store

app store

and at Google Play

google play


The Link to the according website

chayns header


AF} In case of any questions about chayns® or if you are interested in implementing your Facebook fanpage as an app, please send us an email to [email protected] or use our contact page.
Thank you, your CSTC-Uruguay team. {/ AF}

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