In about 1980 it was the first time I was pleased to use a video camera when joining a seminar in handling of cameras and recorders held by the German National Film Services (Landesfilmdienst). It was a remarkable appointment because only the akkupack had the same weight like a small car battery. But this seminar called up my interests that last until today.
Over the years the equipment and the technics changed basically, but who doesn't still have some VHS video tapes but not the appropriate recorder to watch them? We have the solution for you: The conversion of the video type by digitization into a film that can be run by a computer or a DVD player.
Please read also the corresponding article "Digitization of video tapes".



Who of the music lovers, born before 1980 didn't had a cassette tape recorder at home to record the LP from a friend or the most favorite songs from the radio? If you still have one of this analog treasures and would liken to have them in digitized form, we could realize that for you by digitization of cassettes or LPs.
By using the latest software we have the possibility to eliminate or at least to reduce disturbing noises. 
Due to my experiences as a sound engineering assistant of a band and as a part-time DJ during the 80s and 90s, I know about the necessity of a perfect sound when sound mixing. Therefore we guarantee that we are not just doing our job, but trying to reach the best from your material. 




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Whether your project is construction of a house, renovation or planning of electrotechnical projects, we are always happy to provide advisory support. 

Because of my education as an electrical and electronics installer and my very long experience with industrial electrotechnical construction, development and worldwide installation as well as consulting and realization of house wiring in Germany we have the possibility to get bring a little bit more German safety into your electrotechnical projects also in Uruguay.


Electrical Installation & power supply of houses

We also had to notice that the electrotechnical wiring in Uruguay sometimes can be very "uniquely".
You may find almost everything, twisted cables without fixed clamping conection upt to missing earth conductors. This is because everybody that means to be an electrician can do this job. Often the safety doesn't comes first. 

If you like to have a cable wiring that complies with German standards, we are your partner.

 Sicherungskasten UY  Sicherungskasten DE

Network wiring 

Even in Germany this wasn't carried out satisfactory by every electrical technician. The older ones usually didn't really had a relationship to that. For us therefore it was easier to keep care about ourselves and to provide us with the necessary tools and Knowhow. 

This was one of the reasons why my employer KSL GmbH at the end of the 90s has sent me abroad (e. g. Mexico and South Africa) to setup the networks for the machines with PC support. 
We do not only take care of the wiring but also proove the individual connections for correct function with the help of special measuring tools. 

Wireless networks, WLan, WiFi, LTE and so on are on the rise but the best and fastest network connection still is connected by a cable! 

 Netzwerkverkabelung  Netzwerkpruefung


Wiring of video and audio systems

We consult you when planning an audio system for your private cinema sound at home by surroundsound systems, we are laying the appropriate cables and we are taking care for the installation. 

Here you will find further related information.

Verkabelung Audio-Video (klicken für größer)

Issue of wiring diagrams with EPLAN

During my employment as an electro technician for a special purpose machinery manufacturer, for more than 10 years I was responsible for the development and therefore for the issue of wiring diagrams. For more complicated installations it always is an advantage to have an appropriate documentation to be able to see coherencies even after many years. 

Schaltplan (klicken für größer)


Security technics and camera surveillance

One of our subjects in Uruguay are security concepts by camera surveillance and modern energy-efficient lighting technology. As most of the houses along Uruguays coast for 70 - 90 % of the year are not occupied the risk for housebreaking is very high. Therefore almost every house is equipped with an alarm system with alarm indication to a security company. But we noticed that this systems often trigger false alarms and after the third false alarm on one day the security companies usually don't check this houses again and again. Therefore it is important to warn potential burglars or at least to be able to identify them. 
Both is possible with camera surveillance and an appropriate automatic lighting technology with LED headlamps.


 WLan-Kamera  LED-Scheinwerfer


 Here please find more related information regarding security technics and camera surveillance.


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audio video

TV and Sound

You would like to buy a new LCD- or Plasma-TV and the matching sound system, but you don't now what kind of technic will fit to your home?
We will help you to find the right television and sound equipment for your needs.
How this can look and sound like you may see and feel when visiting us.

LED-TV mit Surroundsound von Teufel

For you we also assemble the best parts for power-saving Home-Theater-PC with which you can watch your digitized data, internet content, movies, pictures, DVD and Blue-Ray direct at your TV. You can also manage your MP3-music collection via TV and hear them with your stereo system.
We care about all the components and the wiring.


LED-TV am PC mit Tagesthemen im Browser LED-TV Mediaplayer Filme




Configuration and connection of TV and audio systems

You already have some devices and you don't know how to configure and connect them?
I had to study manuals too, to know where what plug has to go, at my first Audio-Video-Receiver. Today the devices are more complex, but if you are familiar with it, it is like cycling. Here you can see a sample of the connections of an AV-Receiver and a LED-TV.

Anschlüsse Audio-Video-Receiver LED-TV Anschlüsse


Whether video editing - Buyer's Guide and configuration for TV and 3D surround sound systems or connection of everything with the computer, we can certainly help you.


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