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Who or what is CSTC?


The letters in the company name mean:
Service and


Our young company consists of my wife Doris and me, Reinhard Zeiss.
Young only in Uruguay since we started here in 2012, but have already gained some professional experience in Germany.

Since her schooldays my wife Doris had a passion for languages and other cultures. Therefore the road to a state-qualified bilingual secretary (English and Spanish) was paved early.

After her education she gained a lot of experiences working in different departments and areas as she worked for a leasing company. She gathered a lot of experience in organization, administration and general office duties. Afterwards she worked in the Human Resources Department of a computer sales company and in the following 13 years in the technical services of an European importer of Japanese automobiles, motorcycles and marine power products. Here she could fully commit herself with the passion for languages and the love dealing with people.

About me:

I hold my first soldering iron when I was 12 years old, the first self-built and sold industrial power supply when I was 16. The interest in electronics and science always were a big part of my life. After education as an electronic technician at Deutsche Bahn and studies of electrical engineering, for more than 10 years I have been employed in a company for special purpose machinery manufacturing. My main field of responsibility  at KSL GmbH was electrical design and construction.

When working for Audi and Keiper Recaro I was involved in a project were several computers were applied for one machine. We have developped and designed the machines for the needed side airbags. Furthermore we assembled, commissioned and trained the operators worldwide.
Due to many stays abroad also my wish to move was grewing.

As the mechanical engineering more and more became penetrated by computer controls, I changed to the computer service area, working for CTT GmbH since beginning of 1999. Since then, I am working with computers, networks, enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and everything that has to do with it. With big interest I continued following and testing several components of the new features of the current consumer electronics.

Due to the Audi project I came in contact with the programming languages Delphi and Visual Basic that even today still are giving me ways for a better understanding of the relationships and problems in software or by creating small utilities solutions.

Since 2006 I take care of our customers of the medium-sized and private sector also with the ERP software BüroWARE from Softengine. This includes training for enterprise resource planning as well as adaptations to the software and creation of forms and reports.

All these experiences we would like to offer you now also in Uruguay in form of services, consulting and advice.

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Our website is still under construction.

Therefore we can not provide content for all topics right now.

Please come back in a few days.

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We apologize and thank you for your patience!

Your CSTC Uruguay Team.

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