If you love the nature and like to stay at the sea, you will find some interesting things while walking along the beach. Of course, there is still too much waste and especially plastic waste, but sometimes one can find a few useful things. In particular we like the driftwood, because it must have experienced a lot after landing at the beach, bleached and rounded. Meanwhile everywhere in the world there are artists creating new art from the plastic stuff and for example in Kenya they specialized on the recycling of stranded beach sandals. CSTC tries to combine driftwood with modern LED lighting to recycle waste and to save energy with lighting.

Treibholz LED Aussenleuchte


If you still want to have fun using your kitchen at the beginning of winter time, you need adequate lighting. Until now, we realized this with the usage of halogen lamps. To illuminate all the work-space evenly, we used 7 small 20W spots and a ceiling lamp with about 100W. With the increasing costs of energy in Uruguay and to reduce our 'ecological footprint', we have changed everything to LED. Meanwhile, the lamps are at an affordable price level.

LED Umbau 5


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