For us "expats" Skype often is the cheapest and sometimes the only way to keep in contact with family and friends in our home countries. The majority of the Skype users are using a PC, notebook or tablet. But the most of this devices always must be turned on and online. This energy consumption could be reduced with a Skype phone and would have the opportunity to be able to move freely during the telephone conversation.


If you use Skype for business purposes or if you have your own online number it lends itself to use a particular phone. We use our RTX Dualphone for more than 3 years now. It's possible to make calls via 2 different Skype accounts and landline. Unfortunately the Skype shop is not available anymore since the takeover by Microsoft. But they are available at Amazon for example.

RTX dualphone 4088RTX4088 b w

So far we gained good experiences with ours and we use it daily. The status can be selected like with the App and the contact list will be automatically transfered completely. Online numbers are useable, voice messages are available (Voice Mail) and much more. The only handicap is, that it does not receive voice messages from Skype and you can't create them. For frequent callers it's a real alternative!


If you are interested in a Skype phone or if you need more information, feel free to contact us. Please use our contact page or send a mail to [email protected]. Thank you!

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