Complete, expandable home surveillance set

Again we can offer you a perfect starter set for camera home surveillance. But just for a short period!
The set contains everything needed for installation and comes with 4 real high definition color cameras 1080 x 720px resolution. The Hybrid-DVR has a total of 8 channels and is able to get connected to IP-cameras (with ONVIF protocol) too.


Kit 8 channel/4cameras


8 channel DVR with 4 AHD 1080N IP66 cameras and accessories

With a 8 channel system you always have the possibility to expand your system with more cameras, if needed. And a lot of customers want to expand once later, when having a 4 channel system. The set comes with the following devices:


1 DVR AHD 1080N - 8 channel BNC input, HDMI, VGA, BNC out

4 bullet AHD 1080N. 1MP. color cameras, IP66 waterproof

4 rolls cable (12V/BNC) 18m white

mouse, remote control

12V power supply (5 connections)

2 color signs CSTC "Propiedad Videovigilada"



Apps available for iOS, Microsoft, Android and Blackberry

app logos

Complete set starting at

$299 USD

Complete set without hard disk and installation

If you have questions about the set or the installation, please send a mail to or use our contact page

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