Together we analyze your needs for bandwidth and speed for Internet access, help in selecting and applying of hardware and set up access for you. If necesarry, we are able to install and connect the suitable network cable too.


We help you with the configuration of routers, WiFi networks (over greater distances or big areas).


Do you have any questions? Please use our contact page, we will contact you asap.


Explanations to the text:



Digital Subscriber Line. This refers to a transmission standard for data over a copper cable with high transfer rates (up to 1000 Mbit / s). This is the most often used technique for data transmission worldwide and had replaced transmission via modem and ISDN.



Modulator / demodulator is a device to exchange digital signals over long transmission paths between two digital devices. This technique was used between 1970-1990.



General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is the name of a service for data transmission in mobile networks. GPRS is used for data transfer from mobile devices or in areas with inadequate supply of Internet access via cable, but with coverage of mobile networks. Mostly used in rural areas or outside the big cities.


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